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The Open For Business Users Conference on the 25th and 26th of April, 2003 was great. Due to popular demand we made a video recording of the various sessions and it is available on 2 CDs. This includes business and technical introductions to various aspects of OFBiz and is good for getting started or learning more about the project. For more information, see the Services page.


The Open For Business Project, founded in May, 2001 by David E. Jones and Andy Zeneski, is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the MIT Open Source License. The goal of the project is to create an open source application framework, application components, and suite of enterprise applications and to build a community of end users and developers that work together to create easy to customize business software based on best practices.

Use Open For Business to automate your business information and process management in your own unique way by customizing high quality open source applications instead of building everything yourself.

For answers to your questions you might find the following documents useful: General Overview, Is OFBiz for Me?, Feature List, and Features Coming Soon

What people have to say about OFBiz... [more]

I am amazed at what OFBiz can do now and what its promise for the future is.

We use OFBiz to tie our projects together with sophisticated task management designed for the amateur homebuilder (built on the WorkEffort module). In fact, our entire organization, from top to bottom, is run on OFBiz.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Stephen Loosli, President, Partner Homes

We have one customer live and in production with an ecommerce site since November... It seems like everyone we demo it for and talk to is very positive about it, and that there is a real opportunity here.

Chris Nelson, Director of eBusiness, eInnovation

We could have developed the things that OFBiz offers, but if a tool exists, why build the tool from scratch? We have been able to concentrate on new features rather than concentrate on whether or not the controller we just built is working correctly.

One of our key marketing points is our ability to quickly "brand" a product with a new customers look and feel and then deploy it fairly quickly. The OFBiz framework has much of this ability already built in.

Ken Fultz, Vice-President of Information Technology, iCentris

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