Memory Allocators

Memory Allocators — allocates chunks of memory for GList, GSList and GNode.


#include <glib.h>

GAllocator* g_allocator_new                 (const gchar *name,
                                             guint n_preallocs);
void        g_allocator_free                (GAllocator *allocator);


The GAllocator is used as an efficient way to allocate small pieces of memory for use with the GList, GSList and GNode data structures. It uses a GMemChunk so elements are allocated in groups, rather than individually.

The GList, GSList and GNode implementations create default GAllocator objects, which are probably sufficient for most purposes. These default allocators use blocks of 128 elements.

To use your own GAllocator, create it with g_allocator_new(). Then use g_list_push_allocator(), g_slist_push_allocator() or g_node_push_allocator() before any code which allocates new GList, GSList or GNode elements respectively. After allocating the new elements, you must use g_list_pop_allocator(), g_slist_pop_allocator() or g_node_pop_allocator() to restore the previous allocators.

Note that you cannot use the same allocator for GList, GSList and GNode elements. Each must use separate allocators.



typedef struct _GAllocator GAllocator;

The GAllocator struct contains private data. and should only be accessed using the following functions.

g_allocator_new ()

GAllocator* g_allocator_new                 (const gchar *name,
                                             guint n_preallocs);

Creates a new GAllocator.

name :the name of the GAllocator. This name is used to set the name of the GMemChunk used by the GAllocator, and is only used for debugging.
n_preallocs :the number of elements in each block of memory allocated. Larger blocks mean less calls to g_malloc(), but some memory may be wasted. (GLib uses 128 elements per block by default.) The value must be between 1 and 65535.
Returns :a new GAllocator.

g_allocator_free ()

void        g_allocator_free                (GAllocator *allocator);

Frees all of the memory allocated by the GAllocator.

allocator :a GAllocator.