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Class PGQStatus

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                 object --+    
skytools.scripting.DBScript --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, args, check=0)
Script setup.
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show_status(self) source code
show_consumer(self, cons) source code
show_queue(self, ev_row, consumer_rows) source code
pick_consumers(self, ev_row, consumer_rows) source code

Inherited from skytools.scripting.DBScript: close_database, get_database, hook_sighup, hook_sigint, init_optparse, reload, reset, run, run_once, send_signal, send_stats, set_single_loop, start, startup, stat_add, stat_increase, stat_put, stop, work

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __getattribute__, __hash__, __new__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __repr__, __setattr__, __str__

Class Variables

Inherited from skytools.scripting.DBScript: cf, job_name, log, service_name


Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details

__init__(self, args, check=0)

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Script setup.

User class should override work() and optionally __init__(), startup(), reload(), reset() and init_optparse().

NB: in case of daemon, the __init__() and startup()/work() will be run in different processes. So nothing fancy should be done in __init__().
Overrides: skytools.scripting.DBScript.__init__
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