Compiere Looks 1.2.1

Uses of Interface

Packages that use CEditor
org.compiere.swing Provides Swing components to utilize the Compiere Looks. 

Uses of CEditor in org.compiere.swing

Classes in org.compiere.swing that implement CEditor
 class CButton
          Compiere Button supporting colored Background
 class CCheckBox
          Compiere CheckBox
 class CComboBox
          Compiere Colored Combo Box.
 class CField
          Compiere Colored Field with external popup editor.
 class CPassword
          Password Field
 class CText
          Compiere TextArea - A ScrollPane with a JTextArea.
 class CTextField
          Compiere Text Field
 class CToggleButton
          Compiere Color Taggle Button

Compiere Looks 1.2.1

Copyright (c) 1999-2003 ComPiere, Inc. - Author: Jorg Janke