Compiere Looks 1.2.1

Package org.compiere.swing

Provides Swing components to utilize the Compiere Looks.


Interface Summary
CEditor Compiere Editor interface
CFieldPopup Compiere Field external popup Interface.

Class Summary
CButton Compiere Button supporting colored Background
CButtonBeanInfo Generated
CCheckBox Compiere CheckBox
CComboBox Compiere Colored Combo Box.
CField Compiere Colored Field with external popup editor.
CFieldEditor Compiere Field Editor.
CLabel Label with Mnemonics interpretation
CPanel Compiere Panel supporting colored Backgrounds
CPanelBeanInfo Generated
CPassword Password Field
CTabbedPane Compiere Color Tabbed Pane
CTabbedPaneBeanInfo Generated
CTable Model Independent enhanced JTable.
CText Compiere TextArea - A ScrollPane with a JTextArea.
CTextField Compiere Text Field
CToggleButton Compiere Color Taggle Button

Package org.compiere.swing Description

Provides Swing components to utilize the Compiere Looks.

Package Specification

In the standard implementation, panels and panes are opaque. Compiere Looks sets opaque to false for JViewport, JScrollPane, JSplitPane and JTabbedPane but not for JPanel and JButton.

The Compiere Swing extensions like CPanel, CButton are not opaque.

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Compiere Looks 1.2.1

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