Compiere Looks 1.2.1

CompiereTM Looks API Documentation

Compiere Looks Compiere Looks is a 3D extension of the Java Metal Look and Feel.


org.compiere.plaf Provides for Pluggabe Look & Feel User Interface.
org.compiere.swing Provides Swing components to utilize the Compiere Looks.
org.compiere.util Provides utility functions.


Compiere Looks Compiere Looks is a 3D extension of the Java Metal Look and Feel.

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Compiere Looks was inspired by the Kunststoff Look and Feel and adds color capabilities as well as texture backgrounds. Compiere Looks is free and Open Source.

Compiere Looks are based on Java 1.4.0.

Compiere Looks Utilities allow you to change the Look and Feel of your application by the individual user. This is not restricted to the standard and Compiere Looks, but also Kunststoff. You can also define your own Theme.


Start Options

Change the default Look & Feel

You can change the default Look & Feel by editing or adding the file in the folder $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib

Start via CompierePLAF

You can change the Look & Feel to the one selected by starting via CompmierePLAF. Example:

  java -cp CompiereLooks.jar;SwingSet2.jar 
    org.compiere.plaf.CompierePLAF SwingSet2

This tries to invoke the main method of the class of if not found the constructor without parameters.

Modify main Method

Just add the line:


Change the Look & Feel

You set the Look & Feel by invoking the Compiere PLAF Editor:

Stand alone:

  java -jar CompiereLooks.jar
  java -cp CompiereLooks.jar org.compiere.plaf.CompierePLAF

or within your program by

  new CompierePLAFEditor ();

and from a Dialog or Frame to change the Look and Feel of your current windows via

  new CompierePLAFEditor (this);

You can also set the Compiere Look directly:

    (new org.compiere.plaf.CompiereLookAndFeel());


Compiere Looks 1.2.1

Copyright (c) 1999-2003 ComPiere, Inc. - Author: Jorg Janke