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Release 2.4 Release Notes - Release 2.4 Status - Release 2.4 Known Issues

Online Training fom the SourceSteps for installing the
Compiere 2.4.4 Server:

  1. Install Oracle 9i2 (free download for prototyping)
    - see also Debugging Oracle
  2. Download and install Sun Java 1.4.1 SDK (not just JRE)
  3. Download Compiere or directly:
      Zip File  (checksum) -   Tar.gz file  (checksum)  
  4. Install/Setup Compiere Server (includes Client)
  5. Create Compiere Database
  6. Complete Compiere Server Install
    - see also Debugging Compiere and Common Problems

See also:

Steps for installing the Compiere Application Client:

  1. Download and install Sun Java 1.4.1 (JRE or SDK)
  2. Go to your Application Server website and
    • Start the client from there via WebStart (details)
    • Download the file and install it locally

Application Client Installation Details

Steps for installing the Compiere HTML Client:

  1. Upgrade to a DOM level 1 compliant browser (Microsoft IE 6.0 or Netscape 6).
  2. Go to your Application Server website and start the web client


You need to de-install the old version if you use Release 2.4.3b or earlier and then install the latest version. Otherwise, just extract the zip/tar.

Update Compiere Details

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Uninstall Compiere

You deinstall Compiere by running the unistall program in the COMPIERE_HOME directory.

You can also manually deinstall compiere by:

  • Drop the user compiere in your database
  • Delete the COMPIERE_HOME directory
  • Delete the COMPIERE_* environment variables from your environment including your PATH environment variable

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You find the details (prerequisites, steps, etc.) in the individual areas. Please check Product Status, Known  Issues, Common Problems and Open Items as well as the latest version of the install procedures. If you find any inaccuracies or errors, please help us improving Compiere by filing a bug!

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