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Compiere Client Installation

Please check Compiere Support for the more detail and latest update.


  • Any Java Enabled Platform
  • Disk Space: 3 MB (not including Java Runtime)
  • Memory: > 128 MB - 256 MB recommended
  • Display 1024*768 or better
  • TCP/IP connection to Server


Installation of the Compiere Client

Please note that the Server install includes the Client install on the Server, so no need to install the Client on your Server (again).

Point your browser to your application server (Click on image for full view):

Start Browser

Option 1: Web Start

WebStart automatically makes sure, that you use the latest version. Just click on the WebStart button and you see the WebStart Dialog. You need to have Java 1.4.1 installed to succeed. Web Start Details

WebStart Dialog

The next step is to check the security notice:

Security Notice

To verify the code signing certificate, you can check also directly here

Then, the Application starts. For Web Start details, click here.

Option 2: Local Install

Click on the "zip" link and extract the content of the file to a local directory.

For ease-of-use, you may want to set-up your environment:

  • Open a Operating System (DOS) Window.
  • Go to the Compiere directory (e.g. D:\Compiere2)
  • Enter: cscript WinEnv.js COMPIERE_HOME  JAVA_HOME example:
    cscript WinEnv.js D:\Compiere2 D:\j2sdk1.4.1\jre

The COMPIERE_HOME directory is the directory of the download; The JAVA_HOME is the directory, where you installed the Java Runtime or full system. This will setup the environment and create shortcuts.

So, if you see COMPIERE_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable not set

Just make sure, that you did the steps above.

Starting the Compiere Client

As the first step, you need to point to the Application Server. Enter the Application Host (the default port is 1099). And press Test Application.

If the Application Server is found, it returns information like the database server.

Apps Server Setup (Client)

Click OK to get to the Login Screen:

Client Login

The Host information is all white, meaning that all connections exist. For default Application Users and Passwords see below. Click OK or just hit Enter to connect.

Client Connect Success

Congratulations, you are connected and can select one the available Roles for this user and the associated Clients and Organizations.

For further details see the First Impression Feature Tour.

For staring the application in Debug/Trace Mode, please check here.

Application Users

The Compiere Application provides the following Application users:

User Name Password Role Description
System System System Administrator The System Administrator (cannot access application data)
SuperUser System - all - The Super user has all roles and with that access to system administration and application data
GardenAdmin GardenAdmin GardenWorld Admin Example Client Administrator
GardenUser GardenUser GardenWorld User Example User

Please note that user names and passwords are case sensitive!

Accessing multiple Servers from one PC

If you want to access different application servers from your PC, you change the connection parameters as described above. The default profile is saved as file in your personal settings folder (e.g. under Windows C:\Documents and Settings\yourUserID).

To create multiple profile for different servers, you need to add the Java parameter PropertyFile when starting Compiere (see script RUN_Compiere2).
Example for Server #1:

"%JAVA%" -Xms32m -Xmx512m -DPropertyFile=C:\ -DCOMPIERE_HOME=%COMPIERE_HOME% -classpath %CLASSPATH% org.compiere.Compiere

Example for Server #2 (name of the file is arbitrary)

"%JAVA%" -Xms32m -Xmx512m -DPropertyFile=C:\ -DCOMPIERE_HOME=%COMPIERE_HOME% -classpath %CLASSPATH% org.compiere.Compiere


First Steps - HTML Client:

Just click on the Web Application links to start the HTML client.

(Click on image for full view)

HTML Login

From here, the process is the same as with the Application Client (but with a simpler UI).

Please check Product Status, Known  Issues, Common Problems and Open Items as well as the latest version of the install procedures. If you find any inaccuracies or errors, please help us improving Compiere by filing a bug!

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