The Xdeb31 Project

How to Install Debian Linux on the IBM Think Pad-X31”

Mission goal:

To show the installation for an *end user friendly* IBM Think Pad-X31 running under Debian Linux. As this manual is dedicated to end users I try to show the complete installation process in an easy to follow step by step way. Any comments for improvement are welcome! elevel2 at

Mission Achievement:

The first milestone of the mission is achived! The X31 is running under Kernel 2.6.7 with full ACPI suppurt (CPU frequency scaling, suspend to disk), hardware support and a nice bootsplash screen. Install time for the system is below one hour!
Now the setup of software (like VPN, firewall and virus scanner) is on the agenda.

This document is structured in the following parts:

  1. The Complete Installation of Debian and setup of Hardware

  2. Details on the Build in Hardware (Just for Reference)

  3. Setup of Additional Hardware (Printer, External USB-HDD and USB-DVD-RW Drive)

  4. Selected Software (Suggestions for Every-Day-Usage Software)

  5. Credits and References

  6. Appendix (How to Compile a Own Kernel, Setup of Wlan for 2.4 Kernels)

last Update 16.12.2004
by Sebastian Böll
Credits to: Eric Auer, Albert Dengg, Torsten Werner, Nat Makarevitch Sebastian Schaffert Kit Peters
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