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Appendix A: Document History

The exact file history is recorded in the manual module in our CVS tree; see

Revision History
0.1 17 Jan 2004 PV First incomplete draft published under the title Writing Documentation for Firebird (aka Firebird Docwriting Howto).
0.2 27 Jan 2004 PV First complete version. (Entered into CVS 31 Jan 2004)
1.0 8 Mar 2004 PV First official release on Firebird website.
1.1 26 Feb 2005 PV The following changes have accumulated between March 2004 and Feb. 2005:
Changed title to Firebird Docwriting Guide.
Added section on PostgreSQL docs.
Added note on non-DocBook contributions.
Explained term well-formed XML.
Made DocBook benefits list more concise.
Changed recommendation on section vs. sectN elements.
Dropped xref and some other rarely-used stuff from element reference; added procedure.
Updated info on non-monospaced literallayout.
Added section on PDL and how to include a License Notice and Document History.
Numerous minor improvements.
Added document history and revision number.
Licensed this work under the Public Documentation License.
1.1.1 8 April 2005 PV Added paragraph on titleabbrev elements.
1.2 10 Feb 2006 PV Changed all <sectN> elements in the source structure to <section>.
Changed docbuildhowto links to ulinks, as the articles will be in separate PDFs from now on.
DocBook XML Characteristics: removed “plaintext” remark. Added note about XSLT.
DocBook XML authoring tools: divided into two subsections; warned against ConText UTF-8 issue; added info on SciTE; added warning about saving as 8-bit; altered first para on dedicated XML tools; added Oxygen; removed Altova Authentic; updated/altered Altova XMLSpy information.
Writing your DocBook doc: renamed to Setting up your DocBook doc; changed 2nd para; moved 3rd para (“Please read the subsection...”) to Elements we use frequently; changed “subsection on hierarchical elements” link to normal text in the relocated para.
Creating the Document: changed set/book introduction; updated master doc example; added UTF-16 note; added information on placement of files belonging to alternative base sets.
Typing text: minor changes to first and last para.
Elements we use frequently: promoted to top-level section, following Setting up your DocBook doc; changed tip before first subsection to normal para, altering its first sentence; split Hierarchical elements in subsections, and edited/added LOTS of stuff; added subsection on HTML tables; heavily edited the “quote - literal” section; added subsections on images and paragraph headers.
Non-DocBook aspects of the writing process: disappeared, all subsections have been promoted to top level; its first para is now in Language and style, and edited.
Copyrights: renamed Copyright issues and added an introductory para.
Respecting others' copyrights: renamed Using material written by others. The first para is split in two, and edited. The para about Borland docs is now in a subsection, with the first words removed. Using PostgreSQL docs is now also a subsection of Using material written by others, and renamed PostgreSQL docs.
Your copyright and the PDL: extensive editing, reorganisation of subsections, and additions.
Committing your work: included cvs add command line and “Important” note about committing after adding.
1.2.1 11 May 2006 PV Corrected start tag in bridgehead example (removed /).
1.2.2 25 Jan 2007 PV Elements we use frequently: Mentioned title option for admonitions. Moved instructions for translators regarding images into a note.
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