5.3. Process dependent hats

5.3.1. Report originator

The person originally responsible for filing a Problem Report.

5.3.2. Bugbuster

A person who will either find the right person to solve the problem, or close the PR if it is a duplicate or otherwise not an interesting one.

5.3.3. Mentor

A mentor is a committer who takes it upon him/her to introduce a new committer to the project, both in terms of ensuring the new committers setup is valid, that the new committer knows the available tools required in his/her work and that the new committer knows what is expected of him/her in terms of behaviour.

5.3.4. Vendor

The person(s) or organisation whom external code comes from and whom patches are sent to.

5.3.5. Reviewers

People on the mailing list where the request for review is posted.

5.3.6. CVSup Mirror Site Admin

A CVSup Mirror Site Admin has accesses to a server that he/she uses to mirror the CVS repository. The admin works with the CVSup Mirror Site Coordinator to ensure the site remains up-to-date and is following the general policy of official mirror sites.

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