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1. Gentoo Desktop Documentation Resources

Installing your Desktop 

After having finished installing Gentoo, you have a bare bone system without much to go on. If you want to work in a graphical environment (which you probably want, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this) you should start by installing's X11 server.

The XOrg Configuration HOWTO provides a step-by-step explanation on how to install and configure's X11 server.

The Gentoo NVidia Guide includes instructions on getting your NVidia Card fully supported within Gentoo Linux. You should read this after having configured XOrg.

The Gentoo ATI FAQ does the same but for ATI Cards instead.

The next thing you will want to install is a graphical environment. The most popular ones are KDE and GNOME.

The KDE Configuration Guide talks about the installation and configuration of KDE.

The GNOME Configuration Guide does the same but for GNOME instead.

Configuring your Desktop 

The ALSA Configuration Guide is a comprehensive guide on how to setup sound on your system. It is based around ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

The Java Configuration Guide explains how to install and configure Java with Gentoo Linux. Java is needed by some websites and applications.

The Gentoo Localization Guide talks about configuring your system for international use (such as using non-English language, non-US keyboard, etc.).

The Direct Rendering HOWTO explains how to get 3D acceleration working using xfree-drm (also valid for's X11 server).

The Power Management Guide explains how to improve the power management on your laptop (or desktop if you want).

Application Specific Documentation 

The Nano Basics Guide leads by example to explain the basics of Nano, an easy-to-use console editor.

The Vi Guide uses the cheatsheet method to teach the basics of Vi Improved, a powerful, advanced console editor.

The GnuPG User Guide is the definitive guide on GnuPG.

The Quickstart Guide to CLI E-mail Tools covers the use of fetchmail (for retrieving e-mails from a mailserver), procmail (for filtering e-mails), mutt (for reading e-mails in a terminal) and nbsmtp (for sending e-mails through a relay server).

The Quick HOWTO for su with X covers switching between users in a graphical way.

The SHOUTcast Configuration Guide walks through the steps needed to setup a streaming radio server with SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Trans.

The NX Guide shows you how to install and upgrade NoMachine's NX server and client products.

Updated October 20, 2004
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