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Gibraltar is a Debian GNU/Linux-based firewall package which is bootable directly from CD-ROM, so hard disk installation is not necessary. The configuration data is optionally stored on hard disk, floppy disk or an USB storage device. Gibraltar was specifically developed for small-sized to medium-enterprises and fulfils all demands for an up-to-date firewall package. In times where the threats of viruses, worms, trojan horses or hackers are increasing rapidly, Gibraltar offers you an extensive protection of your internet connection. Gibraltar works with every sort of internet-connection. Whether there you are using a permanent cable, DSL or dial-up connection, Gibraltar takes care that your internet-connection is safe. Besides the commercial release of Gibraltar, there is as well a freely available release.

Gibraltar是一份基于Debian GNU/Linux的防火墙套件,它可以直接从光盘启动,所以硬盘安装不是必需的。系统配置数据既可以存放在硬盘上,也可以存放在软盘或USB存储设备上。Gibraltar专门面向中小型企业设计,它作为一份最新的防火墙套件能满足各种需求。当病毒、蠕虫、特洛伊木马及网络攻击者的活动迅速增长时,Gibraltar为你的网络连接提供广泛的保护。Gibraltar能保护所有类型的网络连接,无论你是在使用静态线缆、DSL或拨号连接,Gibraltar都确保你的网络连接是安全的。除了商业发布版本,Gibraltar也有可免费获得的发行。


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