Deployment descriptor parameters

To tell the container that our service is going to be a secure service, we need to add two parameters to the deployment descriptor:

The securityConfig parameter

This parameter tells the container where it can find the security configuration file. This is an XML file that includes configuration details related to security, such as what level of security is required when invoking certain methods. For now, we are going to use a default security configuration file included with GT3. This default file specifies that all the methods must be accessed using a secure conversation. We will see how we can write our own security configuration file in the next section.

To tell the container to use the default configuration file for our service, we'll need to add the following lines to the deployment descriptor:

<parameter name="securityConfig"

The authorization parameter

This parameters allows us to specify the type of server-side GSI authorization to use in this service. For now, we'll use the simplest type of authorization: no authorization. We'll look into other authorization types in the following sections.

To use no authorization, we'll need to add the following lines to the deployment descriptor:

<parameter name="authorization" value="none"/>

The full deployment descriptor

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<deployment name="defaultServerConfig" xmlns=""

  <service name="progtutorial/security/first/MathService" provider="Handler" style="wrapped">
    <parameter name="name" value="Secure MathService"/>
    <parameter name="schemaPath" value="schema/progtutorial/MathService/Math_service.wsdl"/>
    <parameter name="className" value="org.globus.progtutorial.stubs.MathService.MathPortType"/>
    <parameter name="operationProviders"
    <parameter name="baseClassName" value="org.globus.ogsa.impl.ogsi.GridServiceImpl"/>
    <parameter name="securityConfig"
    <parameter name="authorization" value="none"/>

    <!-- Start common parameters -->
    <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>
    <parameter name="persistent" value="true"/>
    <parameter name="handlerClass" value="org.globus.ogsa.handlers.RPCURIProvider"/>

This file is $TUTORIAL_DIR/org/globus/progtutorial/services/security/first/server-deploy.wsdd. You'll notice this WSDD file actually has information about more services. These services are explained in the next section.