Runs all Grails unit and integration tests and outputs reports. The command will return appropriate response codes for embedding with continuous integration servers.


grails test-app
grails test-app Foo
grails test-app Foo Bar



grails [environment]* test-app [names]*

Fired Events:

Executes the Grails unit and integration tests located in the test/unit and test/integration directories. By default all tests are executed, but you can specify the names of the tests (without the "Tests" or other test type suffix) as argument to the command:

grails test-app Foo
grails test-app Foo Bar

The first example will execute a test called FooTests.groovy whilst the second will execute FooTests.groovy and BarTests.groovy if they exist.

As of Grails 1.2.2, tests can also use the suffix of Test instead of Tests.

You can also choose to only run the unit or integration tests:

grails test-app unit:
grails test-app integration:

If you only wish to re-run failed tests use the -rerun flag

grails test-app -rerun

See the Testing section for examples on how to combine the different options to target tests.