The war command will create a Web Application Archive (WAR) file which can be deployed on any Java EE compliant application server


grails war
grails test war
grails -Dgrails.env=foo war



grails [environment]* war [arguments]*


Fired Events:

The war command will create a web application archive (WAR) file using the application name and version number. By default a war file deployable to the production environment will be created, but the environment can be specified using Grails standard convention:

grails test war
grails dev war
grails prod war
grails war /foo/bar/mywar.war
grails war --nojars

You can also specify a custom environment:

grails -Dgrails.env=UAT war

Once the WAR has been created you should follow the instructions that relate to the container which you are using to complete deployment