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IceWM FAQ and Howto

Adam Pribyl, [email protected],

Markus Ackermann, [email protected],
Josef 'Jupp' Schugt, [email protected]

2005/05/24, 21:11 CEST
This is the FAQ and Howto for the IceWM. The latest version of this FAQ is available at At the same site is also SGML source.

1. General FAQ - ReadMeFirst

2. Introduction

3. Installation

4. Configuration

5. Customizing The Behavior

6. Control The Look and Behavior Of Applications

7. Using IceWM With The Keyboard

8. Customizing The Look Through Themes

9. Miscellaneous Questions

10. Example: configuration A-Z

11. Tools for IceWM

12. Bugs and Problems

13. Sources of information

14. License


15. Recent Changes to this document

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