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Standard Ed. 6

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Packages that use CloneNotSupportedException
java.awt.datatransfer Provides interfaces and classes for transferring data between and within applications. 
java.lang Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language. 
java.rmi.server Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI. Provides the classes and interfaces for the security framework. 
java.util Contains the collections framework, legacy collection classes, event model, date and time facilities, internationalization, and miscellaneous utility classes (a string tokenizer, a random-number generator, and a bit array). 
javax.crypto Provides the classes and interfaces for cryptographic operations. 
javax.swing Provides a set of "lightweight" (all-Java language) components that, to the maximum degree possible, work the same on all platforms. 
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.tree Provides classes and interfaces for dealing with javax.swing.JTree

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in java.awt.datatransfer

Methods in java.awt.datatransfer that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object DataFlavor.clone()
          Returns a clone of this DataFlavor.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in java.lang

Methods in java.lang that throw CloneNotSupportedException
protected  Object Enum.clone()
          Throws CloneNotSupportedException.
protected  Object Object.clone()
          Creates and returns a copy of this object.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in java.rmi.server

Subclasses of CloneNotSupportedException in java.rmi.server
 class ServerCloneException
          A ServerCloneException is thrown if a remote exception occurs during the cloning of a UnicastRemoteObject.

Methods in java.rmi.server that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object UnicastRemoteObject.clone()
          Returns a clone of the remote object that is distinct from the original.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in

Methods in that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object SignatureSpi.clone()
          Returns a clone if the implementation is cloneable.
 Object Signature.clone()
          Returns a clone if the implementation is cloneable.
 Object MessageDigestSpi.clone()
          Returns a clone if the implementation is cloneable.
 Object MessageDigest.clone()
          Returns a clone if the implementation is cloneable.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in java.util

Methods in java.util that throw CloneNotSupportedException
protected  Object AbstractMap.clone()
          Returns a shallow copy of this AbstractMap instance: the keys and values themselves are not cloned.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in javax.crypto

Methods in javax.crypto that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object Mac.clone()
          Returns a clone if the provider implementation is cloneable.
 Object MacSpi.clone()
          Returns a clone if the implementation is cloneable.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in javax.swing

Methods in javax.swing that throw CloneNotSupportedException
protected  Object JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatter.clone()
          Clones the AbstractFormatter.
 Object DefaultListSelectionModel.clone()
          Returns a clone of this selection model with the same selection.
protected  Object AbstractAction.clone()
          Clones the abstract action.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in javax.swing.text

Methods in javax.swing.text that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object DefaultFormatter.clone()
          Creates a copy of the DefaultFormatter.
 Object InternationalFormatter.clone()
          Creates a copy of the DefaultFormatter.

Uses of CloneNotSupportedException in javax.swing.tree

Methods in javax.swing.tree that throw CloneNotSupportedException
 Object DefaultTreeSelectionModel.clone()
          Returns a clone of this object with the same selection.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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