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javax.print.attribute.standard Package javax.print.attribute.standard contains classes for specific printing attributes. 

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Fields in javax.print.attribute.standard declared as JobStateReason
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.ABORTED_BY_SYSTEM
          The job was aborted by the system.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.COMPRESSION_ERROR
          The job was aborted by the system because the printer encountered an error in the document data while decompressing it.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ERROR
          The Printer could not access one or more documents passed by reference (i.e., the print data representation object is a URL).
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.DOCUMENT_FORMAT_ERROR
          The job was aborted by the system because the printer encountered an error in the document data while processing it.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_CANCELED_AT_DEVICE
          The job was canceled by an unidentified local user, i.e., a user at a console at the device.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_CANCELED_BY_OPERATOR
          The job was canceled by the operator, i.e., by a user who has been authenticated as having operator privileges (whether local or remote).
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_CANCELED_BY_USER
          The job was canceled by the owner of the job, i.e., by a user whose authenticated identity is the same as the value of the originating user that created the Print Job, or by some other authorized end-user, such as a member of the job owner's security group.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_COMPLETED_SUCCESSFULLY
          The job completed successfully.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORS
          The job completed with errors (and possibly warnings too).
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_COMPLETED_WITH_WARNINGS
          The job completed with warnings.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_DATA_INSUFFICIENT
          The printer has created the Print Job, but the printer is expecting additional print data before it can move the job into the PROCESSING state.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_HOLD_UNTIL_SPECIFIED
          The value of the job's JobHoldUntil attribute was specified with a date-time that is still in the future.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_INCOMING
          The printer has created the Print Job, but the printer has not finished accessing or accepting all the print data yet.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_INTERPRETING
          The job is in the PROCESSING state, but more specifically, the printer ia interpreting the document data.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_OUTGOING
          The printer is transmitting the job to the output device.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_PRINTING
          The output device is marking media.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_QUEUED
          The job is in the PROCESSING state, but more specifically, the printer has queued the document data.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_QUEUED_FOR_MARKER
          The job is in the PENDING_HELD, PENDING, or PROCESSING state, but more specifically, the printer has completed enough processing of the document to be able to start marking and the job is waiting for the marker.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_RESTARTABLE
          This job is retained and is currently able to be restarted.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.JOB_TRANSFORMING
          The job is in the PROCESSING state, but more specifically, the printer is interpreting document data and producing another electronic representation.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.PRINTER_STOPPED
          The value of the printer's PrinterState attribute ia STOPPED.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.PRINTER_STOPPED_PARTLY
          The value of the printer's PrinterStateReasons attribute contains a PrinterStateReason value of STOPPED_PARTLY.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.PROCESSING_TO_STOP_POINT
          The requester has canceled the job or the printer has aborted the job, but the printer is still performing some actions on the job until a specified stop point occurs or job termination/cleanup is completed.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.QUEUED_IN_DEVICE
          The job has been forwarded to a device or print system that is unable to send back status.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.RESOURCES_ARE_NOT_READY
          At least one of the resources needed by the job, such as media, fonts, resource objects, etc., is not ready on any of the physical printers for which the job is a candidate.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.SERVICE_OFF_LINE
          The printer is off-line and accepting no jobs.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.SUBMISSION_INTERRUPTED
          The job was not completely submitted for some unforeseen reason.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION
          The job was aborted by the system because the printer determined while attempting to decompress the document's data that the compression is actually not among those supported by the printer.
static JobStateReason JobStateReason.UNSUPPORTED_DOCUMENT_FORMAT
          The job was aborted by the system because the document data's document format (doc flavor) is not among those supported by the printer.

Methods in javax.print.attribute.standard with parameters of type JobStateReason
 boolean JobStateReasons.add(JobStateReason o)
          Adds the specified element to this job state reasons attribute if it is not already present.

Constructor parameters in javax.print.attribute.standard with type arguments of type JobStateReason
JobStateReasons(Collection<JobStateReason> collection)
          Construct a new job state reasons attribute that contains the same JobStateReason objects as the given collection.

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