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Packages that use ValidationEvent
javax.xml.bind Provides a runtime binding framework for client applications including unmarshalling, marshalling, and validation capabilities. 
javax.xml.bind.helpers JAXB Provider Use Only: Provides partial default implementations for some of the javax.xml.bind interfaces. 
javax.xml.bind.util Useful client utility classes. 

Uses of ValidationEvent in javax.xml.bind

Subinterfaces of ValidationEvent in javax.xml.bind
 interface NotIdentifiableEvent
          This event indicates that a problem was encountered resolving an ID/IDREF.
 interface ParseConversionEvent
          This event indicates that a problem was encountered while converting a string from the XML data into a value of the target Java data type.
 interface PrintConversionEvent
          This event indicates that a problem was encountered while converting data from the Java content tree into its lexical representation.

Methods in javax.xml.bind with parameters of type ValidationEvent
 boolean ValidationEventHandler.handleEvent(ValidationEvent event)
          Receive notification of a validation warning or error.

Uses of ValidationEvent in javax.xml.bind.helpers

Classes in javax.xml.bind.helpers that implement ValidationEvent
 class NotIdentifiableEventImpl
          Default implementation of the NotIdentifiableEvent interface.
 class ParseConversionEventImpl
          Default implementation of the ParseConversionEvent interface.
 class PrintConversionEventImpl
          Default implementation of the PrintConversionEvent interface.
 class ValidationEventImpl
          Default implementation of the ValidationEvent interface.

Methods in javax.xml.bind.helpers with parameters of type ValidationEvent
 boolean DefaultValidationEventHandler.handleEvent(ValidationEvent event)

Uses of ValidationEvent in javax.xml.bind.util

Methods in javax.xml.bind.util that return ValidationEvent
 ValidationEvent[] ValidationEventCollector.getEvents()
          Return an array of ValidationEvent objects containing a copy of each of the collected errors and warnings.

Methods in javax.xml.bind.util with parameters of type ValidationEvent
 boolean ValidationEventCollector.handleEvent(ValidationEvent event)

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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