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Packages that use EntityResolver
javax.xml.parsers Provides classes allowing the processing of XML documents. 
org.xml.sax This package provides the core SAX APIs. 
org.xml.sax.ext This package contains interfaces to SAX2 facilities that conformant SAX drivers won't necessarily support. 
org.xml.sax.helpers This package contains "helper" classes, including support for bootstrapping SAX-based applications. 

Uses of EntityResolver in javax.xml.parsers

Methods in javax.xml.parsers with parameters of type EntityResolver
abstract  void DocumentBuilder.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver er)
          Specify the EntityResolver to be used to resolve entities present in the XML document to be parsed.

Uses of EntityResolver in org.xml.sax

Classes in org.xml.sax that implement EntityResolver
 class HandlerBase
          Deprecated. This class works with the deprecated DocumentHandler interface. It has been replaced by the SAX2 DefaultHandler class.

Methods in org.xml.sax that return EntityResolver
 EntityResolver XMLReader.getEntityResolver()
          Return the current entity resolver.

Methods in org.xml.sax with parameters of type EntityResolver
 void XMLReader.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Allow an application to register an entity resolver.
 void Parser.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Allow an application to register a custom entity resolver.

Uses of EntityResolver in org.xml.sax.ext

Subinterfaces of EntityResolver in org.xml.sax.ext
 interface EntityResolver2
          Extended interface for mapping external entity references to input sources, or providing a missing external subset.

Classes in org.xml.sax.ext that implement EntityResolver
 class DefaultHandler2
          This class extends the SAX2 base handler class to support the SAX2 LexicalHandler, DeclHandler, and EntityResolver2 extensions.

Uses of EntityResolver in org.xml.sax.helpers

Classes in org.xml.sax.helpers that implement EntityResolver
 class DefaultHandler
          Default base class for SAX2 event handlers.
 class XMLFilterImpl
          Base class for deriving an XML filter.

Methods in org.xml.sax.helpers that return EntityResolver
 EntityResolver ParserAdapter.getEntityResolver()
          Return the current entity resolver.
 EntityResolver XMLFilterImpl.getEntityResolver()
          Get the current entity resolver.

Methods in org.xml.sax.helpers with parameters of type EntityResolver
 void XMLReaderAdapter.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Register the entity resolver.
 void ParserAdapter.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Set the entity resolver.
 void XMLFilterImpl.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Set the entity resolver.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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