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NexentaStor is a software based NAS and iSCSI solution with features such as unlimited incremental backups or 'snapshots', snapshot mirroring (replication), block level mirroring ('CDP'), integrated search within ZFS snapshots, advanced API, the inherent virtualization, performance, thin provisioning and ease of use of the ZFS file system. Built upon OpenSolaris distribution, NexentaStor adds several capabilities that are required by most organizations that result in improved reliability, manageability, and performance.

NexentaStor is optimized for use in 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring open, low cost, high performance storage as well as dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, replication and archiving.

NexentaStor is currently distributed as an ISO and VMware disk image.

Nexenta - Open source OS and enterprise class server with kernel based ZFS


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