Nuxeo RCP: the developer Guide

Nuxeo SA

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Overview
1.2. Features
1.3. Advanced, experimental and custom features
1.4. A production-ready platform
2. Exploring Nuxeo RCP
2.1. Requirements
2.2. Installation from a packaged binary
2.3. First tour of Nuxeo RCP
2.3.1. Prepare and launch your Nuxeo EP server
2.3.2. Connect Nuxeo RCP to Nuxeo EP
3. Setting up your development environment
3.1. Requirements
3.2. Environment Setup
3.2.1. Install Eclipse and required external plug-ins
3.2.2. Install the Nuxeo RCP plug-ins
3.2.3. Enjoy
3.2.4. Launching your first Nuxeo RCP development product
3.3. Building Nuxeo RCP
3.3.1. Using the Eclipse export wizard
4. Creating a new software component for Nuxeo RCP
4.1. Creating a new plugin component
4.1.1. Creation of the plugin
4.1.2. Plugin dependencies
4.2. Document tabs
4.3. Viewers in Nuxeo
4.3.1. Adapters as providers.
4.3.2. Table/Tree columns
5. Managing internationalisation with Nuxeo RCP
5.1. Making your plugin "internationalizable"
5.1.1. Simple rules
5.1.2. Java files
5.1.3. Externalize plugin.xml
5.2. Contributing a language pack.
6. Actions in Nuxeo RCP
7. Nuxeo RCP extension points
7.1. Customize user attributes in the add/edit/view user forms
7.1.1. Different configurations
7.1.2. Contribute to the extension point
A. Commercial Support
A.1. About Us
A.2. Contact information
A.2.1. General
A.2.2. Europe
A.2.3. USA