omniORB 3.0.4 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 3.0.4 have been fixed. Update from CVS to get the fixes.

Summary: Incorrect repository ids in POA stubs (bug number 12)
Date: Tue May 28 23:04:48 BST 2002
Reported by: Kendall Bailey
Description: Some POA definitions had repoIds with 2.3 in the version field. This caused problems with omniORBpy, which used 1.0.

Summary: Incorrect escaping of string constants (bug number 11)
Date: Fri Apr 26 14:35:31 BST 2002
Reported by: Leandro Fanzone
Description: Unprintable characters in strings were escaped wrong.

Summary: Memory leak in string_to_object() (bug number 10)
Date: Tue Feb 5 12:09:40 GMT 2002
Reported by: Jose Hernandez
Description: There was a memory leak in CORBA::ORB::string_to_object() under certain circumstances. This was due to an base class lacking a virtual destructor.

Summary: Memory leak in omniNames (bug number 9)
Date: Fri Oct 5 17:47:54 BST 2001
Reported by: Mathieu de Naurois
Description: A silly memory leak was introduced when omniNames was POAfied. Amazing it took this long before someone noticed :-)

Summary: Incorrect result when assigning unsigned long long consts (bug number 8)
Date: Thu Aug 30 10:13:19 BST 2001
Reported by: Carl Thompson
Description: A cut-and-paste error caused the value of some unsigned long long consts to be damaged.

Summary: Deadlock when a worker thread can't be started (bug number 7)
Date: Tue Aug 28 12:02:05 BST 2001
Reported by: Gail Ollis
Description: An attempt to re-lock a locked mutex lead to a deadlock when thread creation failed.

Summary: Wrong _out type for fixed size structs/unions (bug number 6)
Date: Mon Aug 20 14:44:28 BST 2001
Reported by: Vibhu Rishi

Summary: Refcount not incremented in find_POA with AdapterActivator. (bug number 5)
Date: Fri Aug 3 11:09:01 BST 2001
Reported by: Patrick Hubert
Description: In the case that find_POA() activated the POA using an AdapterActivator, it failed to increment the POA's reference count.

Summary: Incorrect omniidl output with repeated names in nested scopes (bug number 4)
Date: Fri Jul 27 17:55:52 BST 2001
Reported by: Juan Bernabó
Description: IDL like
         module a {
	   module b {
	     interface Address {};
	   module c {
	     module b {
	       interface BAddress : a::b::Address { };
would result in invalid C++.

Summary: Incorrect behaviour with incarnate/etherealize (bug number 3)
Date: Tue Jul 24 15:53:44 BST 2001
Reported by: William H Jones
Description: Multi-threaded access to servant activators could cause all sorts of grief.

Summary: HPUX 11.00 shared libraries are not build with -Wl,+s (bug number 2)
Date: Mon Jul 16 11:25:55 BST 2001
Reported by: David Tiller
Description: HPUX 11.00 shared libraries are not build with -Wl,+s which enable SHLIB_PATH searching at runtime.

Summary: nameclt fails when passed a nil BindingIterator (bug number 1)
Date: Fri Jul 6 14:30:35 BST 2001
Reported by: Tilman Skobowsky
Description: Some Naming services return a nil BindingIterator if a context is empty. nameclt would blindly dereference the nil in this case.