omniORB 4.0.1 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 4.0.1 have been fixed. Update from CVS to get the fixes.

Summary: Race condition in POA destruction (bug number 7)
Date: Wed Jul 2 11:54:20 BST 2003
Reported by: Emmanuel Taurel
Description: If a call happened in the middle of POA destruction, the servant was sometimes etherealised twice, leading to an assertion failure.

Summary: Deadlock after POA exception (bug number 6)
Date: Fri Jun 27 10:26:37 BST 2003
Reported by: Vladimir Panov
Link for this bug:
Description: Calling deactivate_object on a destroyed POA would leave a mutex locked after throwing an exception.

Summary: Deferred DII requests fail on Windows (bug number 5)
Date: Tue May 27 12:15:31 BST 2003
Reported by: Emmanuel Taurel
Description: The ORB invoker object was not exported from the core DLL, so use of it from the dynamic DLL failed.

Summary: Crash in registry reading code (bug number 4)
Date: Thu May 22 15:47:16 BST 2003
Reported by: Titus von Boxberg
Description: A misplaced allocation caused a crash when there were no keys in the omniORB key.

Summary: Connections ignored after exceptions in thread pool mode. (bug number 3)
Date: Thu May 22 14:30:47 BST 2003
Reported by: Malge Nishant
Link for this bug:
Description: In some circumstances, a connections were not marked selectable after an exception, meaning future requests on them were not noticed in thread pool mode.

Summary: Timeouts sometimes ignored when scan granularity is zero (bug number 2)
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:33:05 BST 2003
Reported by: Clemens Fischer
Link for this bug:
Description: A bug in connection handling meant that integer timeouts could be ignored if the scan granularity was set to zero.

Summary: Deallocation bug assigning an Any to itself (bug number 1)
Date: Sun Mar 23 20:36:13 GMT 2003
Reported by: Vasily Tchekalkin
Description: Assigning an Any to itself would cause it to be incorrectly deallocated.