omniORB 4.0.3 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 4.0.3 have been fixed. Update from CVS to get the fixes.

Summary: Unions with multiple cases not properly unmarshalled (bug number 9)
Date: Thu Jul 29 11:32:51 BST 2004
Reported by: Martin Laporte
Description: When a union with multiple case labels for a single member was unmarshalled, its internal initialised flag was not correctly set, meaning the receiver could not change the case label as they should be able to.

Summary: Fixed point broken (bug number 8)
Date: Thu Jul 1 20:01:13 BST 2004
Reported by: Simone Viani
Description: Numerous problems in fixed point rounding.

Summary: Rare failure in GIOP 1.2 system exception marshalling (bug number 7)
Date: Fri Jun 18 15:43:49 BST 2004
Reported by: Duncan Grisby
Description: The GIOP message length was sometimes incorrectly set when marshalling system exceptions in GIOP 1.2.

Summary: Bug in GIOP 1.1 SystemException marshalling (bug number 6)
Date: Wed May 5 11:52:34 BST 2004
Reported by: Paul Haesler
Description: System exceptions were incorrectly marshalled in GIOP 1.1.

Summary: Incorrect retry semantics with location forwarding (bug number 5)
Date: Wed Apr 7 18:45:34 BST 2004
Description: Retries to IORs with multiple addresses in did not work correctly after a location forward.

Summary: IfR access broken (bug number 4)
Date: Tue Mar 30 10:51:03 BST 2004
Reported by: Alex Tingle
Description: _do_get_interface did not work.

Summary: System id policy did not work with default servant (bug number 3)
Date: Fri Feb 13 16:40:15 GMT 2004
Reported by: Duncan Grisby
Description: An incorrect assertion in the POA meant default servants and servant managers could not be used in POAs with the system id policy.

Summary: Very large giopMaxMsgSize values did not work (bug number 2)
Date: Fri Feb 6 16:18:15 GMT 2004
Reported by: Duncan Grisby
Description: The way giopMaxMsgSize was handled meant that very large values were handled incorrectly.

Summary: SSL connections did not time out (bug number 1)
Date: Wed Dec 3 14:38:55 GMT 2003
Description: Timeouts did not occur at the time SSL connections were established.