omniORB 4.0.4 bugs

The following bugs in omniORB 4.0.4 have been fixed. Update from CVS to get the fixes.

Summary: Connections incorrectly refused on Windows (bug number 1)
Date: Mon Sep 13 16:27:09 BST 2004
Description: A change to make Unix servers more robust in heavy use accidentally meant that Windows servers could reject valid connections.

Summary: Reusing an NVList failed (bug number 2)
Date: Sun Oct 17 22:27:47 BST 2004
Reported by: Paul Haesler
Description: The cached data inside Anys was not reset, meaning that reusing an NVList did not work.

Summary: Errors in accept() not handled. (bug number 3)
Date: Sun Oct 17 22:58:47 BST 2004
Reported by: Kamaldeep Singh Khanuja
Description: Recoverable errors from accept() were not handled.

Summary: Broken stubs for typedef to sequence of forward-declared structs (bug number 4)
Date: Sun Oct 17 23:17:07 BST 2004
Reported by: Jeremy Van Grinsven

Summary: wchar missing from TypeCode unmarshalling (bug number 5)
Date: Sun Oct 17 23:22:21 BST 2004
Reported by: Luke Deller

Summary: Intermittent errors using GIOP 1.0 with bidirectional settings (bug number 6)
Date: Mon Oct 18 01:20:32 BST 2004
Reported by: Luke Tunmer
Description: When bidirectional GIOP is selected, a thread is started to read incoming messages. That thread would be upset if it received a message from GIOP 1.0 or 1.1. The thread should not be started unless the connection is used for GIOP 1.2.