omniORBpy 2.3 bugs

The following bugs in omniORBpy 2.3 have been fixed. Update from CVS to get the fixes.

Summary: Bug in TypeCode equivalent check (bug number 4)
Date: Wed Jul 28 14:35:21 BST 2004
Fixed by: dgrisby
Description: The equivalent code sometimes blew up with aliases to basic types.

Summary: Deadlock in get_reference (bug number 3)
Date: Mon Jun 14 12:56:43 BST 2004
Fixed by: dgrisby
Description: POA current get_reference did not obey the lock partial order, so it could result in a deadlock.

Summary: Operations clashing with keywords were broken (bug number 2)
Date: Mon Feb 16 13:55:02 GMT 2004
Fixed by: dgrisby
Description: The stub code used the escaped operation name on the wire, so the remote end did not accept the operation.

Summary: Bugs in LOCATION_FORWARD handling (bug number 1)
Date: Mon Dec 15 12:11:03 GMT 2003
Fixed by: dgrisby
Description: Reference counting bugs could lead to crashes.