1.2. Zend::loadFile()

Zend::loadFile() loads a PHP file, which may contain any PHP code. It is a wrapper for the PHP function include() that throws Zend_Exception on failure.

loadFile($filename, $dirs=null, $once=false)


The $filename argument specifies the filename to load, which must not contain any path information. A security check is performed on $filename. The $filename may only contain alphanumeric characters, dashes ("-"), underscores ("_"), or periods ("."). No such restriction is placed on the $dirs argument.

The $dirs argument specifies directories to search for the file. If NULL, only the include_path will be searched. If a string or an array, the directory or directories specified will be searched, and then the include_path.

The $once argument is a boolean that specifies whether to use the PHP functions include() or include_once() for loading the file.