Qtopia application platform for embedded Linux

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Qtopia is a UI and application platform for consumer electronics, mobile, and other multi-function devices running embedded Linux. Qtopia provides unrivaled flexibility for customizing an advanced user experience.

Qt - Cross-Platform Application Framework

Qtopia 4 Series
• Qtopia Platform
• Qtopia Phone Edition
• Qtopia Greensuite Initiative
Powered by Qtopia ZTE U980   Powered by Qtopia Kangaroo TV


• Small introduction to Qtopia
• WebKit in Qt and Qtopia (2008)
• Open Source Development for Linux Based Mobile Devices with Qtopia and Greenphone (2007)
• Qtopia for KDE developers (2007)
• Qtopia User Guide
• Qtopia for KDE developers


• http://trolltech.com/products/qtopia
• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qtopia
• http://download.huihoo.com/qtopia/