Qwt User's Guide Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
QwtAbstractScaleAn abstract base class for classes containing a scale
QwtAbstractScaleDrawA abstract base class for drawing scales
QwtAbstractSliderAn abstract base class for slider widgets
QwtAlphaColorMapQwtAlphaColorMap variies the alpha value of a color
QwtAnalogClockAn analog clock
QwtArrayDataData class containing two QwtArray<double> objects
QwtArrowButtonArrow Button
QwtColorMapQwtColorMap is used to map values into colors
QwtCompassA Compass Widget
QwtCompassMagnetNeedleA magnet needle for compass widgets
QwtCompassRoseAbstract base class for a compass rose
QwtCompassWindArrowAn indicator for the wind direction
QwtCounterThe Counter Widget
QwtCPointerDataData class containing two pointers to memory blocks of doubles
QwtCurveFitterAbstract base class for a curve fitter
QwtDataQwtData defines an interface to any type of curve data
QwtDialQwtDial class provides a rounded range control
QwtDialNeedleBase class for needles that can be used in a QwtDial
QwtDialScaleDrawA special scale draw made for QwtDial
QwtDialSimpleNeedleA needle for dial widgets
QwtDoubleIntervalA class representing an interval
QwtDoubleRangeA class which controls a value within an interval
QwtDynGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid, adjusting the number of columns and rows to the current size
QwtEventPatternA collection of event patterns
QwtEventPattern::KeyPatternA pattern for key events
QwtEventPattern::MousePatternA pattern for mouse events
QwtIntervalDataInterval data class
QwtKnobThe Knob Widget
QwtLegendThe legend widget
QwtLegendItemA legend label
QwtLinearColorMapQwtLinearColorMap builds a color map from color stops
QwtLinearScaleEngineA scale engine for linear scales
QwtLog10ScaleEngineA scale engine for logarithmic (base 10) scales
QwtMathMLTextEngineText Engine for the MathML renderer of the Qt solutions package
QwtMetricsMapA Map to translate between layout, screen and paint device metrics
QwtPainterA collection of QPainter workarounds
QwtPannerQwtPanner provides panning of a widget
QwtPickerQwtPicker provides selections on a widget
QwtPickerClickPointMachineA state machine for point selections
QwtPickerClickRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
QwtPickerDragPointMachineA state machine for point selections
QwtPickerDragRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
QwtPickerMachineA state machine for QwtPicker selections
QwtPickerPolygonMachineA state machine for polygon selections
QwtPlainTextEngineA text engine for plain texts
QwtPlotA 2-D plotting widget
QwtPlotCanvasCanvas of a QwtPlot
QwtPlotCurveA class which draws curves
QwtPlotDictA dictionary for plot items
QwtPlotGridA class which draws a coordinate grid
QwtPlotItemBase class for items on the plot canvas
QwtPlotLayoutLayout class for QwtPlot
QwtPlotMagnifierQwtPlotMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps
QwtPlotMarkerA class for drawing markers
QwtPlotPannerQwtPlotPanner provides panning of a plot canvas
QwtPlotPickerQwtPlotPicker provides selections on a plot canvas
QwtPlotPrintFilterA base class for plot print filters
QwtPlotRasterItemA class, which displays raster data
QwtPlotSpectrogramA plot item, which displays a spectrogram
QwtPlotSvgItemA plot item, which displays data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
QwtPlotZoomerQwtPlotZoomer provides stacked zooming for a plot widget
QwtPolygonFDataData class containing a single QwtArray<QwtDoublePoint> object
QwtRasterDataQwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data
QwtRectSome extensions for QRect
QwtRichTextEngineA text engine for Qt rich texts
QwtRoundScaleDrawA class for drawing round scales
QwtScaleArithmeticArithmetic including a tolerance
QwtScaleDivA class representing a scale division
QwtScaleDrawA class for drawing scales
QwtScaleEngineBase class for scale engines
QwtScaleMapA scale map
QwtScaleTransformationOperations for linear or logarithmic (base 10) transformations
QwtScaleWidgetA Widget which contains a scale
QwtSimpleCompassRoseA simple rose for QwtCompass
QwtSliderThe Slider Widget
QwtSplineA class for spline interpolation
QwtSplineCurveFitterA curve fitter using cubic splines
QwtSymbolA class for drawing symbols
QwtTextA class representing a text
QwtTextEngineAbstract base class for rendering text strings
QwtTextLabelA Widget which displays a QwtText
QwtThermoThe Thermometer Widget
QwtWheelThe Wheel Widget

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