QwtMetricsMap Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A Map to translate between layout, screen and paint device metrics.

Definition at line 31 of file qwt_layout_metrics.h.

Public Member Functions

 QwtMetricsMap ()
bool isIdentity () const
void setMetrics (const QPaintDevice *layoutMetrics, const QPaintDevice *deviceMetrics)
int layoutToDeviceX (int x) const
int deviceToLayoutX (int x) const
int screenToLayoutX (int x) const
int layoutToScreenX (int x) const
int layoutToDeviceY (int y) const
int deviceToLayoutY (int y) const
int screenToLayoutY (int y) const
int layoutToScreenY (int y) const
QPoint layoutToDevice (const QPoint &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
QPoint deviceToLayout (const QPoint &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
QPoint screenToLayout (const QPoint &) const
QPoint layoutToScreen (const QPoint &point) const
QSize layoutToDevice (const QSize &) const
QSize deviceToLayout (const QSize &) const
QSize screenToLayout (const QSize &) const
QSize layoutToScreen (const QSize &) const
QRect layoutToDevice (const QRect &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
QRect deviceToLayout (const QRect &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
QRect screenToLayout (const QRect &) const
QRect layoutToScreen (const QRect &) const
QwtPolygon layoutToDevice (const QwtPolygon &, const QPainter *=NULL) const
QwtPolygon deviceToLayout (const QwtPolygon &, const QPainter *=NULL) const

Static Public Member Functions

static QwtPolygon translate (const QMatrix &, const QwtPolygon &)
static QRect translate (const QMatrix &, const QRect &)

Member Function Documentation

QRect QwtMetricsMap::translate const QMatrix &  m,
const QRect &  rect

Wrapper for QMatrix::mapRect.

m Matrix
rect Rectangle to translate
Translated rectangle

Definition at line 313 of file qwt_layout_metrics.cpp.

QwtPolygon QwtMetricsMap::translate const QMatrix &  m,
const QwtPolygon &  pa

Wrapper for QMatrix::map.

m Matrix
pa Polygon to translate
Translated polygon

Definition at line 326 of file qwt_layout_metrics.cpp.

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