QwtPlot Member List

This is the complete list of members for QwtPlot, including all inherited members.

applyProperties(const QString &)QwtPlot
autoDelete() const QwtPlotDict
autoRefresh()QwtPlot [slot]
autoReplot() const QwtPlot
Axis enum nameQwtPlot
axisAutoScale(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisCnt enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
axisEnabled(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisFont(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisMaxMajor(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisMaxMinor(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisScaleDiv(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisScaleDiv(int axisId)QwtPlot
axisScaleDraw(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisScaleDraw(int axisId)QwtPlot
axisScaleEngine(int axisId)QwtPlot
axisScaleEngine(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisTitle(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisValid(int axisId)QwtPlot [protected, static]
axisWidget(int axisId) const QwtPlot
axisWidget(int axisId)QwtPlot
BottomLegend enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
canvas() const QwtPlot
canvasBackground() const QwtPlot
canvasLineWidth() const QwtPlot
canvasMap(int axisId) const QwtPlot [virtual]
clear()QwtPlot [slot]
detachItems(int rtti=QwtPlotItem::Rtti_PlotItem, bool autoDelete=true)QwtPlotDict
drawCanvas(QPainter *)QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
drawItems(QPainter *, const QRect &, const QwtScaleMap maps[axisCnt], const QwtPlotPrintFilter &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
enableAxis(int axisId, bool tf=true)QwtPlot
event(QEvent *)QwtPlot [virtual]
ExternalLegend enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
grabProperties() const QwtPlot
insertLegend(QwtLegend *, LegendPosition=QwtPlot::RightLegend, double ratio=-1.0)QwtPlot
invTransform(int axisId, int pos) const QwtPlot
itemList() const QwtPlotDict
LeftLegend enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
legend() const QwtPlot
legendChecked(QwtPlotItem *plotItem, bool on)QwtPlot [signal]
legendClicked(QwtPlotItem *plotItem)QwtPlot [signal]
legendItemChecked(bool)QwtPlot [protected, virtual, slot]
legendItemClicked()QwtPlot [protected, virtual, slot]
LegendPosition enum nameQwtPlot
margin() const QwtPlot
minimumSizeHint() const QwtPlot [virtual]
plotLayout() const QwtPlot
polish()QwtPlot [virtual]
print(QPaintDevice &p, const QwtPlotPrintFilter &=QwtPlotPrintFilter()) const QwtPlot
print(QPainter *, const QRect &rect, const QwtPlotPrintFilter &=QwtPlotPrintFilter()) const QwtPlot [virtual]
printCanvas(QPainter *, const QRect &, const QwtScaleMap maps[axisCnt], const QwtPlotPrintFilter &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
printLegend(QPainter *, const QRect &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
printLegendItem(QPainter *, const QWidget *, const QRect &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
printScale(QPainter *, int axisId, int startDist, int endDist, int baseDist, const QRect &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
printTitle(QPainter *, const QRect &) const QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
QwtPlot(QWidget *=NULL)QwtPlot [explicit]
QwtPlot(const QwtText &title, QWidget *p=NULL)QwtPlot [explicit]
QwtPlotCanvas classQwtPlot [friend]
QwtPlotDict()QwtPlotDict [explicit]
replot()QwtPlot [virtual, slot]
resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e)QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
RightLegend enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
setAutoReplot(bool tf=true)QwtPlot
setAxisAutoScale(int axisId)QwtPlot
setAxisFont(int axisId, const QFont &f)QwtPlot
setAxisLabelAlignment(int axisId, Qt::Alignment)QwtPlot
setAxisLabelRotation(int axisId, double rotation)QwtPlot
setAxisMaxMajor(int axisId, int maxMajor)QwtPlot
setAxisMaxMinor(int axisId, int maxMinor)QwtPlot
setAxisScale(int axisId, double min, double max, double step=0)QwtPlot
setAxisScaleDiv(int axisId, const QwtScaleDiv &)QwtPlot
setAxisScaleDraw(int axisId, QwtScaleDraw *)QwtPlot
setAxisScaleEngine(int axisId, QwtScaleEngine *)QwtPlot
setAxisTitle(int axisId, const QString &)QwtPlot
setAxisTitle(int axisId, const QwtText &)QwtPlot
setCanvasBackground(const QColor &c)QwtPlot
setCanvasLineWidth(int w)QwtPlot
setMargin(int margin)QwtPlot
setTitle(const QString &)QwtPlot
setTitle(const QwtText &t)QwtPlot
sizeHint() const QwtPlot [virtual]
title() const QwtPlot
titleLabel() const QwtPlot
TopLegend enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
transform(int axisId, double value) const QwtPlot
updateAxes()QwtPlot [protected]
updateLayout()QwtPlot [virtual]
updateTabOrder()QwtPlot [protected, virtual]
xBottom enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
xTop enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
yLeft enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
yRight enum value (defined in QwtPlot)QwtPlot
~QwtPlot()QwtPlot [virtual]

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