6.8. Proxy Debugging by Red Hat

If you've exhausted these troubleshooting steps or want to defer them to Red Hat Network professionals, Red Hat recommends you take advantage of the strong support that comes with RHN Proxy Server. The most efficient way to do this is to aggregate your Proxy's configuration parameters, log files, and database information and send this package directly to Red Hat.

RHN provides a command line tool explicitly for this purpose: The RHN Proxy Diagnostic Info Gatherer, commonly known by its command rhn-proxy-debug. To use this tool, simply issue that command as root. You will see the pieces of information collected and the single tarball created, like so:

[[email protected] root]# rhn-proxy-debug
Collecting and packaging relevant diagnostic information.
Warning: this may take some time...
    * copying configuration information
    * copying logs
    * querying RPM database (versioning of RHN Proxy, etc.)
    * get diskspace available
    * timestamping
    * creating tarball (may take some time): /tmp/rhn-proxy-debug.tar.bz2
    * removing temporary debug tree
Debug dump created, stored in /tmp/rhn-proxy-debug.tar.bz2
Deliver the generated tarball to your RHN contact or support channel.

Once finished, email the new file from the /tmp/ directory to your Red Hat representative for immediate diagnosis.