Appendix A. Sample RHN Proxy Server Configuration File

The /etc/rhn/rhn.conf configuration file for the RHN Proxy Server provides a means for you to establish key settings. Be warned, however, that errors inserted into this file may cause Proxy failures. So make configuration changes with caution.

You should be particularly concerned with the following parameters: traceback_mail and proxy.rhn_parent, if you are also using an RHN Satellite Server. Review the sample and its comments, beginning with a hash mark (#), for additional details.


You may add the use_ssl setting to rhn.conf for testing purposes only. Set its value to 0 to turn off SSL between the Proxy and the upstream server temporarily. Note that this greatly compromises security. Return the setting to its default value of 1 to re-enable SSL, or simply remove the line from the configuration file.

# Automatically generated RHN Management Proxy Server configuration file.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------

# SSL CA certificate location
proxy.ca_chain = /usr/share/rhn/RHNS-CA-CERT

# Corporate HTTP proxy, format:
proxy.http_proxy = 

# Password for that corporate HTTP proxy
proxy.http_proxy_password = 

# Username for that corporate HTTP proxy
proxy.http_proxy_username = 

# Location of locally built, custom packages
proxy.pkg_dir = /var/spool/rhn-proxy

# Hostname of RHN Server or RHN Satellite
proxy.rhn_parent =

# Destination of all tracebacks, etc.
traceback_mail = [email protected], [email protected]