6.11. Help

The Help pages provide access to the full suite of documentation and support available to RHN users. Click Help in the Your RHN category to see a list of options available to you.

6.11.1. Help Desk

The Help Desk page summarizes the help options available within this section. Click either the links within this page or the buttons on the left navigation bar to explore further.

6.11.2. Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide page contains a brief overview of Red Hat Network and its many features. If you are unfamiliar with RHN, it is recommended you read this guide in its entirety. Topics covered include registering your systems, applying Errata Updates, using one-click updates, and troubleshooting.

6.11.3. FAQ

The FAQ page lists Frequently Asked Questions and answers to those questions. These are broken down into the following categories, each represented by a separate button and page: Top Ten, General, Account Management, Getting Started, Service Levels, Using RHN, Technical Questions, Management Service, Privacy/Legal, Policies, Definitions, and All.

6.11.4. Migration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding migration from RHL end-of-life products.

6.11.5. Reference Guide

The Reference Guide page takes you to this same document, the most comprehensive set of instructions for using Red Hat Network. Note that links to other technical guides may also appear in the left navigation bar, depending on the entitlement level and product offering of the account with which you logged in.

6.11.6. Best Practices Guide

A set of best practices for corporate RHN users.

6.11.7. Contact RHN

The Contact RHN page provides methods by which customers may obtain help. Specifically, logged out users have access to the FAQ, Customer Service email address, and rhn-users mailing list. Logged in paid users have access to all of the above and an online form that can be submitted to rhn-feedback or the Customer Service address. In addition, the online form enables them to submit requests for technical support.

The Customer Service address handles billing and purchasing questions, while the rhn-users list enables customers to help one another. The rhn-feedback address collects customer input and provides an auto response, but nothing more. The technical support form ensures the customer will get a personalized and helpful response in a timely manner.

6.11.8. Satellite Installation Guide

Detailed information regarding RHN Satellite server and its installation.

6.11.9. Proxy Guide

Detailed information regarding RHN Proxy server.

6.11.10. Client Configuration Guide

Documentation for setting up clients to connect to an RHN Proxy or Satellite server.

6.11.11. Channel Management Guide

Documentation for the creation and maintenance of custom channels using RHN.

6.11.12. Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions page displays the RHN Network Services Use and Subscription Agreement.

6.11.13. Outage Policy

The Outage Policy page identifies scheduled maintenance windows for Red Hat Network and provides the means to subscribe to the Email Outage List ([email protected]) to be notified of emergency and other unscheduled outages.

6.11.14. Release Notes

The Release Notes page lists the notes accompanying every recent release of Red Hat Network. These notes describe all significant changes occurring in a given release cycle, from major enhancements to the user interface to minor changes to the related documentation.

6.11.15. Get RHN Software

The RHN Software page provides direct links to the Red Hat Update Agent and Red Hat Network Registration Client for every supported distribution. In addition, it describes how to resolve expired Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificates if you are using an older version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that shipped with a certificate that is now expired.