6.10. Satellite Tools

This page allows RHN Satellite Server customers to manage the basic configuration of their Satellite. The default page, Task Engine Status, provides a summary of the latest execution times for key tasks.

Figure 6-22. Satellite Tools

6.10.1. Satellite Tools ⇒ Satellite Configuration

The form on this page allows you to alter the basic configuration of your RHN Satellite Server. You may turn SSL, Monitoring, and Solaris support on and off. You may also configure your Satellite to operate as a Disconnected Satellite, or add an HTTP Proxy.


Please note that changes to these configuration options affect your RHN infrastructure, and may cause services to fail. In general, it is easier to add functionality than it is to remove it.

Adjust the configuration options and click the Update Configuration button to update the Satellite.

6.10.2. Satellite Tools ⇒ String Manager

The Satellite String Manager allows you to control the standard strings generated in emails from the Satellite. You can customize the email account information, the email footer, and the hostname for the Satellite.

Click on the label of the information you wish to alter for your satellite. Edit the text on the following screen, and click the Submit button to save your changes.