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About This Guide

Welcome to the Red Hat Directory Server (Directory Server). This preface includes the following sections:

Purpose of This Guide

This guide provides you with a foundation for planning your directory. The information provided here is intended for directory decision makers, designers, and administrators.

The first chapter of this guide introduces basic directory concepts. Most of the remainder of the guide covers aspects of directory design, including schema design, the directory tree, topology, replication, and security. The last chapter provides sample deployment scenarios to help you plan simple deployments as well as complex deployments designed to support millions of users distributed worldwide.

Directory Server Overview

Directory Server provides the following key features:

The major components of Directory Server include:

Conventions Used in This Guide

This guide uses the following conventions:


Notes, Cautions and Tips mark important information. Make sure you read this information before continuing.

serverRoot is the installation directory. The default installation directory is /opt/redhat-ds/servers. If you have installed Directory Server in a different location, you should adapt the path accordingly.
serverID is the ID or identifier you assigned to an instance of Directory Server when you installed it. For example, if you gave the server an identifier of phonebook, then the actual path would look like this: /opt/redhat-ds/servers/slapd-phonebook/. . .

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