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About This Reference Guide

Red Hat Directory Server (Directory Server) is a powerful and scalable distributed directory server based on the industry-standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Directory Server is the cornerstone for building a centralized and distributed data repository that can be used in your intranet, over your extranet with your trading partners, or over the public Internet to reach your customers.

This preface contains the following sections:

Purpose of This Guide

This Schema Reference guide describes the standard directory schema for Directory Server and lists all the object classes and attributes defined by the standard schema. The information provided here is intended for the administrator who manages and maintains the schema.

Directory Server Overview

The major components of Directory Server include:

Contents of This Guide

Prerequisite Reading

This guide describes the standard schema and the standard object classes and attributes. However, this guide does not describe how to design, customize or maintain your schema, nor does it give any information on replication. Those concepts are described in the Red Hat Directory Server Deployment Guide. You should read that book before continuing with this manual.

When you are familiar with Directory Server schema concepts and have done some preliminary planning for your directory service, you can install the Directory Server. The instructions for installing the various Directory Server components are contained in the Red Hat Directory Server Installation Guide.

Preliminary planning includes deciding how to represent the data you store. You should chose predefined schema elements to meet as many of your needs as possible. These predefined schema elements are listed in this guide.

Conventions Used in This Book

This section explains the conventions used in this book.

serverRoot /slapd-serverID /...
serverRoot is the installation directory. The default installation directory is /opt/redhat-ds/servers. If you have installed Directory Server in a different location, you should adapt the path accordingly.
serverID is the ID or identifier you assigned to an instance of Directory Server when you installed it. For example, if you gave the server an identifier of phonebook, then the actual path would look like this: /opt/redhat-ds/servers/slapd-phonebook/. . .

Related Information

The document set for Directory Server also contains the following guides:

For a list of documentation installed with Directory Server, open the server_root /manual/en/slapd/index.htm file, where server_root is the directory in which you installed Directory Server.

For the latest information about Directory Server, including current release notes, complete product documentation, technical notes, and deployment information, check this site:


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