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3.5. Configuring Fence Devices

Configuring fence devices consists of creating, updating, and deleting fence devices for the cluster. You must configure the fence devices in a cluster before you can configure fencing for the nodes in the cluster.
Creating a fence device consists of selecting a fence device type and entering parameters for that fence device (for example, name, IP address, login, and password). Updating a fence device consists of selecting an existing fence device and changing parameters for that fence device. Deleting a fence device consists of selecting an existing fence device and deleting it.
This section provides procedures for the following tasks:
From the cluster-specific page, you can configure fence devices for that cluster by clicking on Fence Devices along the top of the cluster display. This displays the fence devices for the cluster and displays the menu items for fence device configuration: Add, Update, and Delete. This is the starting point of each procedure described in the following sections.


If this is an initial cluster configuration, no fence devices have been created, and therefore none are displayed.
Figure 3.5, “luci fence devices configuration page” shows the fence devices configuration screen before any fence devices have been created.
luci fence devices configuration page
The luci fence devices configuration page.
Figure 3.5. luci fence devices configuration page

3.5.1. Creating a Fence Device

To create a fence device, follow these steps:
  1. From the Fence Devices configuration page, click Add. Clicking Add displays the Add a Fence Instance dialog box. From this drop-down box, select the type of fence device to configure.
  2. Specify the information in the Add a Fence Instance dialog box according to the type of fence device. Refer to Appendix A, Fence Device Parameters for more information about fence device parameters. In some cases you will need to specify additional node-specific parameters for the fence device, as described in Section 3.6, “Configuring Fencing for Cluster Members”.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. After the fence device has been added, it appears on the Fence Devices configuration page.