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4.2.3. Adding a Member to a Running Cluster

To add a member to a running cluster, follow the steps in this section.
  1. From the cluster-specific page, click Nodes along the top of the cluster display. This displays the nodes that constitute the cluster. This is also the default page that appears when you click on the cluster name beneath Manage Clusters from the menu on the left side of the luci Homebase page.
  2. Click Add. Clicking Add a Node causes the display of the Add nodes to this cluster window.
  3. Enter the node name in the Node Hostname text box; enter the root password in the Root Password text box. Check the Enable Shared Storage Support checkbox if clustered storage is required. If you want to add more nodes, click Add Another Node and enter the node name and password for the each additional node.
  4. Click Add Nodes. Clicking Add Nodes causes the following actions:
    1. The cluster software packages are downloaded onto the added node.
    2. Cluster software is installed onto the added node (or it is verified that the appropriate software packages are installed)
    3. The cluster configuration file is updated and propagated to each node in the cluster — including the added node.
    4. The added node joins the cluster.
    The Nodes page appears with a message indicating that the node is being added to the cluster. Refresh the page to update the status.
  5. When the process of adding a node is complete, click on the node name for the newly-added node to configure fencing for this node, as described in Section 3.5, “Configuring Fence Devices”.