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4.2.4. Deleting a Member from a Cluster

To delete a member from an existing cluster that is currently in operation, follow the steps in this section.
  1. From the cluster-specific page, click Nodes along the top of the cluster display. This displays the nodes that constitute the cluster. This is also the default page that appears when you click on the cluster name beneath Manage Clusters from the menu on the left side of the luci Homebase page.


    To allow services running on a node to fail over when the node is deleted, skip the next step.
  2. Disable or relocate each service that is running on the node to be deleted. For information on disabling and relocating services, see Section 4.4, “Managing High-Availability Services”.
  3. Select the node or nodes to delete.
  4. Click Delete. The Nodes page indicates that the node is being removed. Refresh the page to see the current status.