Chapter 8. WAF Application Development Tutorial

This tutorial introduces the concepts and techniques needed to create your own application in the Red Hat Web Application Framework. It describes how to define the application so that it can be packaged and installed wherever the WAF platform is installed.

8.1. Terms and Assumptions

In addition to the the assumptions in Section 1 Assumptions About WAF Developers (e.g. that you have a working understanding of object-oriented programming in Java, the Servlet API, relational schema design, XSLT, and CSS), you should understand the WAF kernel API.


A bundle of data and UI logic that is reachable via the web. Refer to Chapter 6 WAF Component: Web.


Code to handle a web request using the J2EE Servlet API. Throughout this document, we assume you are familiar with version 2.3 or later of the Servlet specification. Refer to


A web application package designed for deployment in a servlet container. A webapp instance corresponds to a ServletContext. A WAF webapp will typically contain one Application.


The Persistence Definition Language, used to define object types in the WAF persistence layer. Refer to Chapter 2 WAF Component: Persistence and Appendix D PDL Syntax.