Chapter 5. WAF Component: Presentation

Information in the database ultimately needs to be presented to the user for viewing and manipulating. The Web Application Framework provides a variety of systems to display and style information. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses, and is designed for specific situations.

The following sections discuss the various methods available for presentation under WAF. Each approach is designed to be complementary to the other approaches. Each approach is intended to be used in different situations; the following sections discuss when each system should be used.

Presentation in the context of the Web Application Framework was originally discussed in Section 1.2.5 Presentation. For information about implementing Bebop, the presentation method unique to Red Hat WAF, see Chapter 12 Presentation (Bebop) Tutorial. Further information and tutorials about implementing the open standards presentation methods in WAF can be found through Chapter 14 References and on the Web.

5.1. Overview of Presentation Standards

This section discusses the standards used in WAF for textual presentation of structured data. In addition, the standard Java APIs for parsing and manipulating structured data are reviewed. This information is provided to set a common understanding of which tools are incorporated into WAF and how they are used.