Chapter 14. References

The following references are pointers to additional information that is relevant to WAF but beyond the scope of this guide.

Martin Fowler's book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture covers many of the design patterns used in WAF. For more information, see

For more information regarding object-relational persistence see the following third-party links:

The OpenACS ( project is the community-driven development of the previous generation Web Application Framework architecture written in the TCL programming language. Many of the design concepts that appear in Red Hat WAF had precursors in the ACS TCL and OpenACS world. In particular:

The Java programming language provides extensive support for globalization:

The official W3C Recommendations are the definitive references on XSLT, XPath expressions, and related standards.

Section C.2 Java Coding Standards — References and Related Reading has links to Java coding standards and best practices.