Welcome to Ubuntu

Ubuntu features Unity, a reimagined way to use your computer. Unity is designed to minimize distractions, give you more room to work, and help you get things done.

该向导旨在回答您关于使用 Unity 和 Ubuntu 桌面的问题。首先,我们花些时间来看 Unity 的一些关键功能以及使用方法。

开始使用 Unity

Unity 桌面





Ubuntu 按钮位于屏幕左上角附近,并始终为启动器中的首项。如果您单击 Ubuntu 按钮,Unity 会向您呈现该桌面的其他功能,Dash

Unity Dash

The Dash is designed to make it easier to find, open, and use apps, files, music, and more. For example, if you type the word "document" into the Search Bar, the Dash will show you applications that help you write and edit documents. It will also show you relevant folders and documents that you have been working on recently.