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Revision History
Revision 0.6.2 21 August 2005 RS

Everything checked on a fresh Ubuntu Breezy colony 3 install. Ubuntu profiles ready for review, sections and chapters marked.

Revision 0.6.1 10 August 2005 MTG

Split this FAQ Guide into multiple files to make it easier to edit. Also put this revision history in the correct order.

Revision 0.6 17 July 2005 RS

Remove apt-get and replace with Synaptic. Add sections on Synaptic/Apt-get and Issuing commands. Major structural changes. More work on Gnome and Kde profiles.

Revision 0.5 04 June 2005  

Profile document to support Gnome and Kde. Add preface with text editing sect and replace all instances of gedit with vim. Add author credit to Abdullah Ramazanoglu for Kubuntu version of guide.

Revision 0.4 31 May 2005  

Align with Unofficial Ubuntu Guide 3.04

Revision 0.3 29 May 2005  

Align with Unofficial Ubuntu Guide 3.0

Revision 0.2 25 May 2005 SW

Ported from the Unofficial Ubuntu Guide 2.09


This document is a compilation of questions that are commonly asked by users who are new to Ubuntu and the answers to these questions.

Table of Contents

Text Editing
1. Getting Started
2. Installing Applications
3. Applications
Music and Movies
Networking Utilities
System Utilities
Windows Emulators
4. Hardware
5. Windows Partitions
6. Users Administration
7. Networking
Samba Server
AntiVirus Server
SSH Server
DHCP Server
MySQL Database Server
Apache HTTP Server
Streaming Media Server
8. Rescue Mode
9. Tips & Tricks
10. Troubleshooting
11. Upgrading Ubuntu
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