Getting Help

Getting Help

There are a number of places from which you can obtain help with your Kubuntu desktop system, these include:

KDE Help Center

Kubuntu comes with a inbuilt help system, which can be accessed by choosing K Menu->Help from the desktop menu system. The KDE Help Center is the central location to all documentation available on your system.

A good place to start off learning more about KDE is the KDE Quickstart Guide, which will familiarize you with some of the basic features of KDE.

Help with an Application

The easiest way to find help about an application is to read its handbook which is accessible from the Help menu in the application's toolbar.

Find Help Online

  • The Ubuntu Documentation Website contains HTML and PDF versions of this guide, and other guides produced by the Ubuntu Documentation Team for Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

  • You can buy this guide in book form from our Lulu store. You will only pay for the price of printing and postage.

  • The Ubuntu Wiki - this contains many other community maintained guides

  • Kubuntu and Ubuntu Community Forums - here you can ask questions on a forum and receive answers from the forum community.

  • Mailing Lists - here you can ask questions by email, and receive answers from the mailing list community.

  • IRC chat: channel kubuntu - chat in realtime with the Kubuntu community.

  • Kubuntu Homepage - Get the latest news about Kubuntu.

For more information, visit the How to Get Help wiki page.