Chapter 4. Configuring Your System

Table of Contents

Desktop Tricks
Menu Editing
Start a Program Manually
Run programs automatically when GNOME starts
Login automatically to GNOME when the computer starts
Change Display Mode in Nautilus
Show hidden files and folders in Nautilus
Open the Location Bar in Nautilus
View remote SSH, FTP, and SFTP servers using Nautilus
Change the default "Open with" program for a file type
Open files with administrative privileges from the file manager
Install Extra Fonts
RAR Archiver
Advanced Desktop Applets
Hide Recent Documents in the Places menu
Show the Computer, Home, and Trash desktop icons in GNOME
Change my preferred email client to Mozilla Thunderbird
Restart GNOME without rebooting the computer
Preventing the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace shortcut keys from restarting X
Partitions and Booting
Graphical Partition Editor
Make partitions available from Ubuntu
Make partitions automatically available
Run a system command automatically at startup
Change default Operating System at boot
Permanently disable/enable boot-up services
Digital Cameras
3D Graphic Cards
Keyboard Layouts
Wireless Cards
Other Tips
Change the Computer Name
Networking Utilities

This chapter contains information on configuring your system.