Add/Remove Applications

Add/Remove Applications is a simple graphical way of installing and removing applications in Ubuntu. To launch Add/Remove Applications click Applications->Add/Remove Applications on the desktop menu system.


Running Add/Remove Applications requires administrative privileges (see the section called “Root And Sudo”).

To install new applications select the category on the left, then check the box of the application you want to install. When finished click Apply, then your chosen programs will be downloaded and installed automatically, as well as installing any additional applications that are required.

Alternatively, if you know the name of the program you want, use the Search tool at the top.


If you have not activated the online package archive, you may be asked to insert your Ubuntu CD-ROM to install some packages.

Some applications and packages are not available to install using Add/Remove Applications. If you cannot find the package you are looking for, click Advanced which will open the Synaptic package manager (see below).